The Postal Industry in Australia is undergoing a rapid change. More and more Australians are now shopping online from the comfort of their homes, while at work and even impulse buying using mobile services. A survey shows that the complains concerning delivery issues continues to be a big challenge for all major operators including Australia Post.

During the pandemic and the festive season that fell during the pandemic – Australia Post said that it's network has been stretched to it’s limit. Traffic to the website also had almost doubled since the pandemic. While this is a great thing to happen for Australia Post- it came along with it’s share of problems!! So much so that they had to release a new audio campaign to explain the delays!!

A delay, a mis-delivery or missed delivery can create severe and lasting consequences for an individual or a company. That’s why you must be able to trust that your same-day delivery service will perform with complete accuracy and no unexpected delays.

The biggest fear businesses face when entrusting a package to a courier service is that it will disappear without a trace. If your courier service doesn’t employ a proper tracking system (surprisingly, not all of them do!), once the driver picks up a package there’s no way to know where it is, what time it got delivered, if it got delivered, who signed for it – too many things can go wrong. Be it legal documents, cakes-flowers that are meant for surprises, crucial medication, or a time-sensitive contract bid, if your courier service messes up, you are the one who suffers.

A store or a seller that accepts payments for products must supply them

- Within any time-frame they have indicated

- At all times to miss out on business

- Without digging a hole in their pockets by having to keep all time drivers to do the job

- Safely with all safety precautions and without damaging the products


BRANG has developed multi-check systems to guarantee on-time delivery with accuracy trusted by pharmacies, florists, bakers, grocers and businesses of all sizes.

  • Our App Is Programmed to pick up the correct addresses and suggests for any mistakes or incorrect addresses
  • We organise driver training programs for safe and smooth deliveries, especially during the pandemic
  • We Provide our drivers with a standardised check list of relevant steps to follow during the delivery process, thereby collecting enough evidence of delivery including pictures at delivery locations and of deliverables at pick up and drop, minimalizing the chances of any mistakes
  • We can live track deliveries giving an insight of driver’s exact location and ETA
  • We monitor and rate driver performances to ensure compliance of procedures
  • We drop undelivered goods back to the store
  • We are completely covered under Insurance for loss and/or damage
  • 24x7 Support Available , reverting with 2-4 hours on receipt of email
  • We are open to learning and make continuous improvements and keep upgrading technology for the benefit of our clients

At BRANG, we utilize proprietary state-of-the-art software, so we always know the exact location of your package. From the moment you call in or place an order online, our system assigns a tracking number. Attached to that number are all the essentials: client name, where we’re picking up, delivery address, any special notes (who can sign for it, whether it can be left at the front desk, etc.). This tracking number follows the driver wherever they go, so we know everybody who ever touches your package, from pick-up to delivery.

The moment we have materials physically in hand, we email the client, telling you the package is en- route. While the package is in transit, we stay in contact with the driver through our application.

When we deliver, we automatically send another message to the client as Proof of Delivery (POD). We stay on top of the process every step of the way. At BRANG we constantly update our systems with the newest technology available, putting us on equal footing with all major players!!


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