We are a proud Australian company and the inspiration for the name came from the famous Australian indigenous weapon “Boomerang”. As Boomerang is designed to return to the thrower, similarly Brang is designed such that your deliveries will be at your doorstep, when you need it with complete traceability.

It also pays homage to the classic Australian colloquialism for 'brought'.

Simply become our member by registering on our website or on the app, and start getting your items delivered at your doorstep.
Brang is a courier-cab aggregator platform. When you register and become a member with us, you get access to ALL our brangers (drivers). You will not be required to transact with any other providers, instead just with our Brangers who are highly experienced in getting your products delivered on time and securely. We are fast, reliable, 24/7 & offer the lowest delivery price in the market.

We get this a lot! Brang has developed a niche in the market due to our technology & services which work in an ideal combination. Our customer support team is always a call away to help you out with any queries/concerns you might have. Oh, and did we mention there are NO extra charges that you incur, so you can focus on your stuff rather than stressing over extra logistics costs. This means - NO Subscription charges, NO Fuel surcharges, NO Currency Adjustment Factor, NO restriction on number of items etc etc. In short, there are no hidden charges over and above our freight charges which are the lowest in the market, guaranteed.

Depending on the size of the item, you can choose the vehicle required to complete your delivery: 

  • Pushbike – Can only accept deliveries suitable for a pushbike 
  • Motorbike - Can only accept deliveries suitable for a motorbike 
  • Car - Can accept pushbike, motorbike and car deliveries 
  • Van/Wagon/Ute - Can accept pushbike, motorbike, car and van deliveries 
  • Truck - Can accept pushbike, motorbike, car, van and truck deliveries 

We do not guarantee that vehicles will be empty when coming to pick up a delivery as the driver may already have deliveries onboard.  

  • Pushbike: Max 30x30x30cm & 5Kg - Please ensure the item/s suit this option. No fragile items. 
  • Motorbike: Max 30x30x30cm & 15Kg - Please ensure the item/s suit this option. No fragile items. 
  • Car: Max 60x60x60cm& max 25Kg per item totalling up to 30Kg & must fit in the boot of the car - Please select 'Van' for larger deliveries. 
  • Van: Max 150x150x150cm & max 25Kg per item totalling up to 60Kg - Please allow up to 30 minutes for a Branger to be allocated and specify dimensions in item description. 
  • Truck: Max 150x150x150cm & max 25Kg per item totalling up to 100Kg - Please allow up to 30 minutes for a Branger to be allocated and specify dimensions in item description. 

If you have anything bigger, please contact us via the live chat on our website or give us a call on 13000BRANG or connect@brang.com.au Please specify the weight and the dimensions in the item description

Yes we do, however the business needs to ensure that the recipient who is placing an order is above 18 and the Branger has every right to check the ID on delivery.

NO, Brang does not sell any products. Brang takes care of logistics including order management, order placement, pickup and delivery for our customers. In case you have any concerns regarding product quality, please directly contact the store from which the order was placed.

No, we do not have any extra charges for same day deliveries. However, for instant deliveries within a 2-hour window, we charge $25 plus tax over and above the cost of the run/delivery.

We are here to help you!

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