Introducing our New Advisor - Matthew Perry

Matthew is a seasoned global executive, with over 20 years in global technology leadership roles around the world. He has worked in a range of industries; from architecture to manufacturing, pharmaceutical to FMCG. The small, mid and large sized teams that he has led have become extremely customer focused, innovative and relevant, and have grown both professionally and personally through each positive transformational journey. Now he will be providing his expertise as an advisor to a start-up company Brang. Brang focuses on one aim that nobody else in the business has offered till now, and that is get anything anywhere at any time. Matthew strongly believes in the power of an enabled and empowered organisation; delivering a state of continuous improvement, innovation and commercial value.

He saw the potential in Brang, and understands that the company is trying to achieve something new and unusual than others.

The Discoverr.AI team had identified a number of market opportunities, built astute business cases and conceptualised solutions through design thinking exercises.

BRANG is the first product to travel through the Discoverr.AI innovation factory into production. BRANG fills a significant and growing gap in our needs. A gap that the big, monolithic players are unable to fulfill and the shop-specific providers are unwilling to offer.

Brang’s main motive is to deliver anything from anywhere to anyone, fast. Currently, The team has built the platform and are very successfully piloting the solution in the Melbourne metropolitan region. It is a privilege to have Matthew Perry as an advisor, particularly during this early phase.

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